Publish under your label

No matter what genre, we would love to publish your book for you under your very own label (known as an imprint). Thank you for the opportunity to help! The great thing about having your own imprint is that it is the same price as publishing under Spellbound, but you'll keep 100% of your royalties.

What is an Imprint?

An imprint is a trade name that identifies a line of books within a publishing company. For example, Golden Books is an imprint within Random House. Spellbound is an imprint. Insert-your-name-here-Press, can be an imprint! Having your own imprint gives you the ability to publish your own books under your own company, retain complete control of your royalties, and enjoy the freedom to do what you love—writing—all with the benefit of an expert publishing team behind you every step of the way.

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How it Works

Congratulations on your title! We are flattered you'd like to publish with us. Once you have decided you would like Spellbound to publish your book under your very own label, please submit your manuscript in a word document to with your letter of interest (your "pitch"). Our team will review your manuscript to determine if we are a fit as well as the scope of editing needed, and will respond within 48 hours.

Manuscript Submission Deadlines:

  • January 31st for May Launches
  • May 31st for Fall Launches

If accepted, here's what you can expect on our first call.

titles we have published for other imprints


  • Project Management

  • Book Cover Design

  • Interior Layout & Design

  • Copy Editing

  • Print Book, ebook, and audio book files

  • Amazon publication with Prime eligibility

  • Your title listed in Ingram for distribution

  • Advanced Reader Copies (watermarked PDF for reviewers)

  • ISBN Registration

  • Library of Congress Registration

  • Copyright Registered in Your name

  • Your Sales Strategy Call (1 hour)

  • Professional 3D Book Image

  • Personalized Publishing Coaching & Break-even analysis coaching

  • Portfolio Package (press kit)

  • Logo for your imprint

  • One complimentary printed copy of your book

  • All-inclusive packages range from $3500-$6500

  • Does not include: printing books + marketing packages + promo materials

  • Individual projects will be quoted after a manuscript review

The Publishing Process

Step One: Editing

In most projects, editing is required to improve accuracy, readability, and to ensure that your book is free of error. We will assign the editor on our team who is the best fit and personality for your book. Once their edit is complete, you will receive the edited version with tracked changes. You will have the opportunity to review any comments or questions from the editor and make changes as needed before we send your manuscript on to production for layout. Pricing depends on length and state of manuscript.

Step Two: Production

Cover: We will create three beautiful front cover concepts based on your direction. You will choose the concept you like the best and submit your wishes for fine-tuning. Once you have approved the front cover design, we will create a full cover with your bio, back cover text, author picture, and ISBN + barcode. You will review the final cover and note any last-minute changes before signing off on the final file. Please note: we must have the final interior file for page count in order to produce the spine of the cover as well as determine final pricing.

Interior: You should have completed all major content, grammatical, and punctuation changes at this stage and your manuscript is ready for interior layout. We will create a stunning first draft layout that best suits your genre and is cohesive with your cover. You will review the first draft layout, noting up to 50 design requests, and edits. At this stage, it is imperative for the author to also do a complete read-through of the book so that all remaining changes are requested at this time. If more than 50 edits are needed, these can be done at $125/hour.

We will make all of your requested changes and provide you with a second draft layout for review. After your review of the second draft, we will create a final interior file for publishing. You will review this one last time and officially sign off on the final file. Changes requested at this stage will be made for $125/hour.

Admin: We will file the copyright in your name, purchase the ISBN on your behalf, and register your work with the Library of Congress so that your book is eligible for purchase in the Library system.

Once final pricing is confirmed, we will update your book files and prepare your files for printing. We will upload your paperback, hardback, and ebook files to the Ingram distribution and book store system.

Step Three: Printing

At this point, you will have a beautiful book that is ready for printing and distribution. Now that we have a final page count and price, we can discuss your printing options, royalties, profit margins, and return on investment.

It's an exciting time! Your book and ebook will soon be accessible on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and available for purchase in all major book stores. You can also order your book for personal sales with no minimum order.

The cost of books (to you) is determined by book size, page count, color options, and various other factors. You can order and sell your own books through your website and receive maximum profit - while also selling directly to book stores for royalties without incurring the upfront cost to print.

We manage the behind-the-scenes publishing for these imprints

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