About us

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Tiffany Harelik, MA, Publisher

After writing 16 books and championing over 200 authors through the publishing process, Tiffany started Spellbound to help writers like you get their books published efficiently and professionally. Tiffany is an entrepreneur with a Masters in Health Psychology and is classically trained as a forensic medium. When she's not polishing up books, you can find her healing detective work at Wise Skies Collective, a metaphysical counseling company. Tiffany loves being in nature, the garden, her apiary, and her kitchen. Find Tiffany's books here.

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Dr. Terry Heller, Managing Editor

A fourth-generation Texan and longtime education policy writer and editor for the Texas Senate, Dr. Terry Heller retired to MidCoast Maine to write and compose in the quiet beauty of rose gardens and towering spruce. As managing editor, Terry motivates and supports writers at all levels, moving small mountains wherever required. If experience counts, she has over 50 years of it: her careers have always overlapped as teacher, researcher, policy writer, author, editor, pianist, and philanthropist.

Terry is passionate about words, music, community, family, and politics. When she's not editing for Spellbound, you can find her writing the Great American Musical on the shores of the Sheepscot in Wiscasset, Maine with her faithful black lab, Etta, who is vigilant in defending their 200-year-old cottage from silver-backed squirrels and unwary snowplows.

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Renee Casteel Cook, Editor

A Chicago native and mom to three, Renee built a successful career in advertising, working at prestigious agencies such as Leo Burnett, DraftFCB, and Wunderman, among others. After relocating to Ohio (her alma mater) in 2014, Renee’s passion for writing, fueled by a love of travel and exploring cultures through food, came to the forefront through co-authoring The Columbus Food Truck Cookbook with friend, mentor and cosmically aligned birthday twin, Tiffany Harelik. Subsequently, Renee has authored three books and writes for Columbus Monthly Magazine, including local product features and the Recipe column.

At Spellbound, Renee offers comprehensive editing services, copywriting, recipe development, project development advice, and marketing strategies. Renee is a one-of-a-kind go-getter whose passion for literature fuels the success of any project she stands behind.

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Cheryl A. Foster, Editor

Cheryl A. Foster is a writer and teacher in the great city of Houston, Texas. Studying history inspired her current work Fealty, and many books to come. Friends since they were riding horses in their high school days, Cheryl and Tiffany worked together at Spellbound to develop Dreamboat Press, Cheryl's very own publishing label.

At Spellbound, Cheryl offers comprehensive editing services with a specific interest in history, equestrian riding, and travel. When she's not teaching and riding horses, you can find Cheryl chasing the wind on a sailboat in open seas.


Dylan Wickstrom, Senior Cover Designer

Dylan Wickstrom has been working as a graphic designer and marketing specialist with Spellbound and independently, with a host of companies ranging from publishing to hospitality for over 13 years. He has a passion for design, the world it can create and the feelings that it can express through art. He brings a multilayered approach to publishing and the book world, not just as a marketing professional, but also a writer and artist.


Philip Alera, Senior Book Designer

Philip Alera is a freelance book cover and interior designer for print and digital books. He has 18 years of experience in various genres and book categories. He works with independent authors and small publishing houses across the U.S. and Canada to help get their manuscripts across the finish line. Philip has been a senior level designer at Spellbound since 2013.

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Jose Pepito, Jr, Illustrator and Designer

Jose is a professional book designer with over 15 years of experience in all genres. He has a unique talent in turning your vision into eye-catching book covers, leading-edge illustrations, clean interior layouts for print books, and flawless ebook conversions.

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Lucy Ragsdale, Media Support

Born and raised in Texas, Lucy Ragsdale is a burgeoning social media guide. Currently, she attends the University of North Texas pursuing her Bachelorette in Psychology and a minor in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. Currently living in Denton, Texas you can often find her setting up across town to sell her jewelry or biking with friends. She is passionate about hard work, building foundations wherever she can, and being of service to those around her.

Having supported herself during the pandemic with social accounts for her jewelry brand Funkie Doodadz and helping other small businesses across Texas; Lucy has gained a well of knowledge about the marketing and business sphere of the social media world. She has worked on projects like Wise Skies Collective, Dolly Python Vintage, and My Wild Magic.