Spellbound is a boutique publisher that offers publishing and distribution for print, ebook, and audio books. We offer full spectrum ghost writing, editing, and printing services. There are two paths for authors to publish their work:

(1) publish under the Spellbound label, or

(2) publish under your own publishing label - with our help! Find out which path is best for you!

Behind the Scenes: How your Book is Published

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Welcome new author! We have been in your shoes. There is a lot to navigate when it comes to publishing your book and we are here to help! Check out our blog to help you understand which publishing path is best for you.

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Publish with Spellbound

Specializing in metaphysical books, Spellbound accepts mind-body-spirit books in the self-development field.

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Publish under your own label

We provide full-service publishing for authors of any genre so that you can publish under your own label. Does receiving 100% of royalties sound nice? Here's an article you might like!

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"Tiffany and Spellbound are a rare find. In a field where it's all too easy to be parted from your money and all too hard to find someone who will truly bring your book to life, their care for authors shines like a brilliant light. It's a joy to partner with a publisher who shares our passion for books and stories and the hard working, creative people behind them!"

- John Behrens, Nashville Audio Productions

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Meet the Publisher

After writing 16 books and championing over 200 authors through the publishing process, Tiffany Harelik started Spellbound to help writers like you get their books published efficiently and professionally. Founded in 2016, Spellbound now has offices in Austin, Nashville, and San Diego. Tiffany is an entrepreneur with a Masters in Health Psychology and is classically trained as a forensic medium. She loves the cooking, true crime, and mind/body genres. Find Tiffany's books here.

"Tiffany is a seasoned publishing professional with experience both on the traditional and independent sides of the business. This gives her a unique ability to combine her knowledge of the inner workings of the publishing world with a distinct approach to marketing and events that drive author awareness and book sales." - Spellbound author

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There's a place for your book in the Spellbound family—we work for authors of all genres to ensure your book is professionally produced in print, ebook, and audio book formats.

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Spellbound's audio book team is comprised of professional sound engineers, production editors, and voice actors. Based in Nashville, here's a peek behind the scenes at authors and actors recording their books.

What are my Options?

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Paperback Writer is a podcast for writers wanting to navigate book editing, production, and marketing. She offers tips and resources for authors to understand their options in the ever-changing publishing industry.

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