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Spellbound Publishers is a boutique publishing company based in Austin, Texas. Founded by bestselling author Tiffany Harelik in 2016, Spellbound offers two opportunities for authors to publish their work: (1) under the Spellbound label, or (2) under the author's own publishing label. Find out which path is best for you!

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Welcome new author! We have been in your shoes. There is a lot to navigate when it comes to publishing your book and we are here to help! Check out our blog to help you understand which publishing path is best for you.

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Publish with Spellbound

Specializing in metaphysical books, Spellbound accepts mind-body-spirit books in the self-development field.

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Publish under your own label

We provide full-service publishing for authors of any genre so that you can publish under your own label. Does receiving 100% of royalties sound nice? Here's an article you might like!

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