Marketing Services

Get heard. Without the hassle.

We offer broad-spectrum marketing services from setting up book launches and signing tours, to media placement, bestseller strategies, blog tours, book blitzes, and social media support. *Kindly note I require 6-8 weeks advanced notice for most book marketing projects.

"Tiffany is a seasoned publishing professional with experience both on the traditional and independent sides of the business. This gives her a unique ability to combine her knowledge of the inner workings of the publishing world with a distinct approach to marketing and events that drive author awareness and book sales." - Spellbound author

"I have sold 30,000+ copies of my own books, and helped hundreds of authors do the same. My best advice: have 5 standard talking points about your book, and be willing to put some marketing hours in your project every week." -Tiffany, Spellbound Publishers

Helpful blog posts on book marketing:

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Monthly Author Support: $150/month

We get by with a little help from our friends! Tiffany will use your content to post one blog post and one newsletter from your existing accounts. You will also get one 1-hour strategy call with Tiffany to help stimulate marketing, sales, and PR for your book as needed.


Securing 6-8 Reviews: $249

There are two types of reviews you will need in the course of marketing your book. The first type are advanced reviews. You can use these reviews on the interior of your book, on your back cover, on your website, your presskit, social media, and any marketing endeavors. The second type of reviews includes honest endorsements made by professionals in your genre on various online platforms. The review program includes:

  • Contacting 100 reviewers in your genre.
  • Sending out electronic review copies safely, avoiding pirating.
  • Reviewers have their choice of where they will post their endorsements: GoodReads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, their blog or social media.
  • We guarantee 6-8 reviews within 10-12 weeks and will send you all of the links where reviews have been posted.

Bestseller Program: $1500

There are several opportunities for authors to become bestsellers. I offer authors a leg-up by securing their ranking as a bestselling author on Amazon. Having this ranking is beneficial in marketing yourself for book tours, securing speaking engagements and media placement as well as for use on social media marketing. The bestseller program includes:

  • Management of your one day 99-cent ebook sale on Amazon
  • Submitting your book in 10 categories
  • Securing 60 buyers.
  • Your new bestselling emblem from Amazon (you are responsible for having your publishers or a designer upload a new cover file for you including this emblem).

Radio + Podcast Interviews: $500

AM/FM Radio and Podcast interviews are the gift that keep on giving. They offer authors a way to be heard by millions of people and are often conducted over the phone. Most hosts offer both live and pre-recorded interviews, several of which are syndicated. This means your one interview will be heard for years to come. You will also have links to be able to promote each show on your social media and website. I offer one spreadsheet of 20 relevant contacts and make two reach out / follow up efforts on your behalf.


Promotional Materials

There's nothing better than getting your book in your hands, but it's pretty fun to create promotional items too. We work with authors to curate custom promotional materials for their unique launch. These items include things like:

  • bookmarks with your cover
  • postcards to promote your signing events
  • foam-core poster of your cover + easel
  • recipe cards featuring your recipes
  • business cards for speaking events
  • stickers, presskits, pens, etc.

Advanced Reader Copies: $99

Advanced Reader Copies are necessary when requesting endorsements and media placement before your book launches. It is not expected for ARCs to be error-free, as your work is still in the publishing process. We provide ARCs in watermarked PDF format.


Professional Press Kit: $99

This single-page professionally designed PDF is a crisp, at-a-glance sheet used in book marketing, book tours, and publicity. It contains everything booksellers, promoters, media professionals and influencers want to know about your book.


Book Signing Tours: $1000/month

Every book tour is as unique as the author behind each book we promote. Tour services include 2 months of dedicated work:

  • A contact spreadsheet of bookstores and media in your area.
  • Coordinate 2-3 signing events in your area.
  • Drafting a press release and submitting to 10+ local media stations.
  • Submitting your events to area calendars.
  • Coordinating marketing assets and strategies.
  • Want me to be onsite at your events? I just need travel expenses and a per diem in addition to the monthly fee.

Virtual Book Tour: $249/month

Virtual book tours are a great way to get heard without the hassle. Our tours include:

  • One month of promotion slowly dripped over multiple book blogs (up to 30).
  • Coordination of participating bloggers in your genre.
  • Coordination of a giveaway of one of your books or ebooks.
  • A static page (live for one year) that includes your book cover, summary, links to buy, author photo and bio all linked to your tour.
  • Tour wrap up with direct links to all posts featuring you.

Social Media Management: $350/mo

Love it or not, authors need to have a professional online presence on at least two social media platforms. We offer full-service monthly packages that include:

  • Author welcome call (30 minutes).
  • Social media image repository for review/collaboration.
  • 5 posts/week on Facebook and Twitter including crisp images and relevant hashtags.
  • Author must provide content/copy.

No author accounts set up yet? We can conquer that for you with an extra hour of time ($65).



We'll need a few things my friend! Please gather the below items which are necessary for all marketing projects. Don't have all that stuff? Don't let it stop you. I can help you create anything that might be missing!

  • Fresh headshot in JPG (hi-res of 300 dpi).
  • Author bio (150-250 words).
  • Back cover text or short synopsis (150-250 words).
  • Social media links to all of your accounts.
  • Your website and contact info for press/interviews.
  • Your book genre, title, and pen name.
  • Your book's retail and wholesale price.
  • Your ISBN (for paperback, hardback, and ebook).
  • Link to your author central page on Amazon.
  • Your imprint logo - if you have your own imprint.
  • A digital/electronic Advanced Reader Copy (this is usually watermarked and produced by your publisher but I can help).
  • Your KDP login - if doing the bestseller program.
  • Logins/access for any social media accounts you would like me to manage.