Audio Books: What Are My Options

Are people really listening?

Yes! Over $1.2 billion audio books are sold every year according to the Audio Publishers Association (APA). Since the number of audio books listened to per year continues to increase—this is a section of the market you don’t want to miss.

Why Audio?

Nothing brings a story to life like hearing it told out loud. Whether listening in their car or at home, listeners report enjoying the sense of connection with the story, preferring a professional narrator over author-read titles.

Do I have to have a published book to have an audio book?

Nope. We can work with your edited manuscript to create a stand alone audio book as a product to sell through various distribution points like audible.

What are my Options?

In the audio world—it is important to have high quality sound production and editing. There are two main options for publishing your audio book through Spellbound: hire a professional narrator to record, or record the title yourself with the help of our sound engineers in our Nashville partners studio.

I have written my book and want it to be on audio—now what?

Congratulations! Now it’s time to record, edit, and upload your book to a distribution channel. You’re looking for a professional audio book studio that offers full spectrum services: recording, editing, adding music and credentials, and creating final files for distribution.

How does it work?

  1. Narrator selection: we will offer you a variety of professional voices to choose from, or decide on your voice for the recording.

  2. Pre-production: a producer will review your manuscript with our publisher—and mark it with any questions on pronunciation, and how to handle reading items like charts outloud. An ISBN will be purchased for your audio book by your brand, or Spellbound.

  3. During recording, a sound engineer is reading along with the narrator to ensure no words are missed, and that everything is pronounced correctly. They are editing in real time.

  4. Post-production: Your files will be polished and smoothed over - so that the final files are seamless and of impeccable quality.

  5. File upload: It’s time to take your files and upload them for an audio book distribution channel of your choosing.

  6. Marketing: It’s time to spread the word!

How much does it cost?

It depends. The factors to consider are word count, self-narration vs professional narration, post-production editing hours, and cost of distribution. Our average audio book client invests $3500 per project.

How much can I make?

As an author, it’s important to have a good marketing strategy to ensure sales and distribution. Consider your price, your royalty share, your distribution channels, and your sales plan.

Ready to get started?

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